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Aug 13

Top 10 Email Marketing Services

By George Fox | Uncategorized

Top 10 Email Marketing ServicesEmail marketing services benefit businesses regardless of their shape and sizes. It works through expanding your contact list and attracting potential customers by offering deals, discounts and vouchers via meals. It allows you to keep tabs of your customers through newsletters and periodic emails. Hence, having a management system makes it easy for any entrepreneur to widen his horizon by improving his content and optimizing the effectiveness of the emails.

Here is a quick roundup of the top 10 performing email marketing services.

1. Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is an email platform which is known for its simplicity, affordability, and ease of use. The software includes integration to many third-party application including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Analytics. In addition, the software includes easy-to-use personalization tools including image and text editors and flexible design options.

2. Campaign Monitor

An email marketing software which works both for small and big businesses.  It is extremely useful for identifying interesting content, title, and links to their users. It includes features like drag-and-drop email builders, mobile-ready templates, personalized content, inbox previews, and also allows social sharing. Also, it has an automated unsubscribe function which allows the users to receive emails only to services that they have subscribed.

3. Email Brain

Email Brain is a highly competent free email marketing tool that integrates into other social platforms allowing the user to optimize its impact of their communications. The software lets you manage, track, create, and send email campaigns and newsletters.

4. Stream Send

Stream send is a feature-rich and easy-to-use marketing and social delivery tools. The service features unlimited image and hosting, video and triggered emails, social sharing, and advanced automation and segmentation. It offers campaign analytics and a range of social and mobile templates for a standard pricing.

5. Vertical Response

Vertical Response is a marketing tool for small and medium businesses in a variety of industries which helps you connect with your customers through email, mobile devices, and social media marketing. It features a variety of tracking reports, powerful set of email templates, and contact management tools.

6. Benchmark Email

It’s easy-to-use interface, rich features, and cost-efficient price make it suitable for users who have generous plans yet low on budgets.  The service features list management, loads of pro-designed email templates, customizable email surveys, and newsletter-creation tools.


7. Get Response

An email marketing platform which is highly recommended for its powerful responsive design and uncomplicated feature set. It offers tools to build marketing programs, and allows you to choose from a myriad of templates so you could create a professional looking page in an instant. Also, it provides helpful tutorials, plus the system is available in 12 languages.

8. Constant Contact

The software is one of the best email marketing solutions, offering top-rated application and well-designed features, and is easy to use for anyone regardless of their level in technical expertise. It offers email campaigns, contact and reporting tools, and integration systems.

9. Graphic Mail

The service allows you to connect with your customers through email marketing, text messaging, and social media marketing.  Offers mobile-friendly templates and social sharing tools which allows you to make messages that are shareable when clicked. It features email creator tools, customizable templates, and analytics.

10. iContact

This marketing platform is notable for its simplicity and ease of use. It is recommended for professional marketers and high-volume senders. It offers responsive marketing templates, HTML coding options, lading pages, lead scoring and intuitive reporting.


Make no mistake. The best marketing email services does not necessarily have to be expensive and complicated.  There are wide arrays of services which are cost efficient and contains features which do not necessitate an extensive technical knowledge.

It is important to know that different businesses have different needs. Likewise every marketing solution has its own unique benefits. It is then imperative to only choose the right service tailored fit according to the needs of your business.

Aug 05

Top 10 Marketing Automation Software

By George Fox | Uncategorized

The importance of marketing is not debatable. It is plays a central function in any business because most of its aspect lies on successful marketing.

Top 10 Marketing Automation SoftwareIn a world where changes are a constant thing, trends and fads are constantly shifting and becoming more complex, keeping tabs with marketing activities can be overwhelming. However, marketing automation tools make things a lit bit easier for marketers due to its improved productivity, reliable quality, and high level optimization.

Enumerated below are the 10 leading automation tools offering the latest features and capabilities to help you better grow your business and simplify time-consuming marketing activities. Note that the tools and apps are not listed in any particular order. If you are aiming for a competitive advantage and at the same time finding ways to deliver ultimate value to your customers, then let these lists enlighten you.

1. Marketo

Marketo is a web-based e-mail marketing platform which features integrated applications to create and preserve customer relationships. It delivers a range of capabilities including marketing management which is made easier by built in budgeting tools and marketing calendars. It also allows real-time personalization across marketing channels to achieve its full functionality.  It is highly commended due to its easy to use and simple all-in-one platform design.

2. Pardot

Pardot is a Salesforce product which is designed for organizations that are engaged in business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing. This is a great tool for accelerating pipelines and converting sales through email marketing. The system is renowned for its ability to convert revenues through lead generation and management, sales intelligence, and social marketing.  On top of that, the system is praised for its excellent customer support.

 3. Eloqua

Eloqua is a primary marketing automation platform which serves as the foundation of generation programs. The system enables marketers to deliver a personalized customer experience and execute automated marketing campaigns. It offers a comprehensive suite which automates outbound email communications and covert leads based on demographic and behavioral intelligence. It also allows you to create campaign templates which can be customized based on your marketing objectives.


This system is a great platform for sending target messages based on marketing needs, user behavior and unique interactions. It enables conversion tracking through website and mobile integration. It also contains rich customer profiles and in-context conversations.

 5. HubSpot

An inbound marketing software which manages inbound marketing, CRM and sales. It provides relevant and marketing experiences through the use of real-time data. It is also popular for its simplicity and user-friendly interface.  HubSpot’s comprehensive platform and management system optimizes marketing effectiveness and efficiency.


AdRoll is widely used retargeted platform which is known to provide customized experiences to retarget customers with ads across social media and mobile app. With its flexible segmentation, cross-device and cross-platform retargeting, may it be in Facebook, Twitter, and other sites, it is an excellent tool to improve marketing efficiency.

 7. Pica9

This system is a comprehensive CampainDrive platform which offers brand resource management, web-to-print, landing pages, and sends emails and view reporting in the same system. It has built-in approval loops to streamline workflows. The system’s intuitive interface allows you to manage many marketing functions thus increasing marketing efficiency and results.

8. Canterris

An all-in-one marketing automation platform which optimizes website content and is also a great website publishing tool. Includes capabilities such as email marketing, lead management, and built in campaign tools, whichdo not only identify the right sales but also close more deals.

9. Bremy

Bremy is a web-based application which features email marketing and core campaign management. It offers modules which are used to perform online proof and approval. The system has advanced digital asset management which extends to a wide array of digital publishing including email newsletters and video proofing with multi-user collaboration.

10. Outmarket

This is a marketing automation tool which enables you to automate workflows and create custom experiences. It contains features such a lead scoring, campaign management, and its functionality enables you to deliver the right content at the right time through streamlined workflows.

There is a countless number of marketing software tools. Know your priorities and the end results that you want to accomplish, only then you can be able to choose software that fits squarely to your business unique goals and needs.

Aug 02

Can You Still Make Money From Adsense?

By George Fox | Uncategorized

Can You Still Make Money From Adsense?Google Adsense has been around for roughly 13 years. It has been a convenient way to gain extra money from your site through pay-per-click ads and such. However, ad networks have experienced some downfall in the recent years, and Adsense results has suffered more than the top competitors. Now, speculations have risen whether one can still make money from Adsense or not. This article will answer this question.

What is Adsense?

First, let’s talk about Adsense. It is a free Ad placement website owned by Google. Advertisers promote their products through the Adsense websites and they pay whenever a visitor clicks on those ads. Publishers gain about 68% of the total revenue while Google gets the rest. With its easy-to-use interface and practically free services, Adsense has proven to be a great income generator for publishers.

How can I earn with Adsense?

Once approved, you can choose from a wide range of ads to post to your website. After adding a few advertisements, all you have to do is wait until your visitors click on them. And, as mentioned above, advertisers pay you according to how many clicks their ads get. Choosing the right ads can be tricky; you have to make sure that the Ads that you place coincide with your website’s content. This will guarantee the most clicks – for example, who would go looking for hardware tools on a clothing website? Check out this link for additional tips on how to increase your earnings with Adsense:

I am new with Adsense, can I still earn money?

You can still earn revenue even if you are new to Adsense.  It has a user-friendly dashboard that’s easy enough to understand for any Adsense newbies. However, you need to dedicate time, patience, and effort to get the earnings that you want. For more tips, check out the link above.

I have used Adsense before, how can I increase my earnings?

Adsense has helped a lot of website owners earn extra money over the years. If you have been using Adsense, but noticed that your earnings are declining, then visit this link: It’s a great article that shows you how you can increase your Adsense earnings up to 200%.

Going back to the question, “can you still make money with Adsense?” the answer is a definite YES. Despite setbacks, there are still those that are seeing successes. Adsense should not be tallied out just yet. If you are work hard to provide new, trendy, and quality contents matched with related ads, then Adsense may still be the ideal accomplice.

Jul 16

Top 10 Ways to Promote your Website for Free

By George Fox | Uncategorized

There are many ways that you can promote your online marketing websites. Most of these are paid services that guarantee targeted results in an instant. However, there are also promotion tools that you can use for free. These ways are great if you are in a budget. This article aims to list the top ways that you can promote your website for free.

1. Viral Contents

Content is the most important aspect of any digital marketing website. Making high quality contents is one thing, making contents that can go viral is another. High quality contents that ignites the interest of a lot of people, in other words go viral, is a sure way to get the audiences you want and eventually have them convert. Just make sure that these contents are interesting, relevant to your products and, most importantly, original.

2.Social Media

Top 10 Ways to Promote your Website for FreeSocial Media sites are totally free. You can create profiles about your company and post pictures videos, or contents about your products. Also, you can get in touch with your costumers and get feedback from them instantly. Spend a few hours a day checking on your social media profiles and keep them updated. Once you’ve built a strong network of audiences and customers, you can hope that they will help you with promotion.

3. Social Media Groups

Aside from creating a social media profile, you can also join groups that are related to your niche. Just don’t forget that these groups are for discussions and interactions. Engage in the community and showcase your expertise. Through these groups, you can gain reputation and connections.


Bookmarking enables your target audiences to include your website in their favourites. Your clients will get updates from your recent contents and in return, you can extend your reach through their networks. Through this method, you can earn a lot of exposure and promotion.

5. Local Business Directories

Online business directories is a great way to promote local businesses. You can have your business get listed on sites like Bing local, Google+, and Yahoo local. Once you’ve had your listing, persuade customers to leave reviews about your business. The more positive they are, the more popularity you get.

6. Niche Forum Marketing

Although forum marketing is not as popular as social media, this platform can still get your business some of exposure. However, getting on some big, random forums is not the way to go about it. Look for the niche that suits your business. Once you find a few suitable forums, don’t promote your business blatantly or else you will get marked as spam. Instead, converse with the members and share your knowledge. Even though you aren’t getting as much exposure as in social media, you can gather great ideas from forums.

7. Quality Backlinks

There are many ways that you can get high quality backlinks. One is by having your website be bookmarked by your readers. Another is through writing and publishing articles on niche-related sites. Also, you can join blogging communities where you are allowed to create an author’s bio and build backlinks to your website. And, you can also make articles on your local newspapers or magazines. This does not only give you valuable backlinks, but boost your credibility as well.

8. Get Guest Authors to write for you

Top 10 Ways to Promote your Website for FreeYou can ask other website owners to feature your website on their articles. They can write for you as a guest author and in return you offer them exposure and links. Naturally, they will also promote on these articles on their websites. That is instant promotion and authority in your niche for free.

9. Q & A

You can also gain reputation and exposure through sites that focuses on posting and answering questions, such as Qoura and Yahoo Answers. These websites allows users to rank answers based on relevance and quality. Show your expertise by answering questions. Just make sure that they are relevant and comprehensive so that you can get the rank-up that you want.

10. Video Promotion

Platforms that evolve around videos, such as YouTube and Vimeo, has become a big phenomenon that helped artists launch their careers as well as create traffic through videos and infomercials. You can create interesting videos that can potentially go viral and eventually drive a lot of traffic to your business.


These ways are indeed as free as free can get. But, unlike the paid promotion and advertises, it will take a longer time for you to see results if you follow these tips. Nevertheless, with hard work and dedication, these methods will definitely pay off.

Jun 15

Samsung Planning Bendable Phone

By George Fox | Uncategorized

Samsung has been one of the front runners when it comes to pushing the boundaries of communication technology. They have constantly produced high-quality smartphones with futuristic curves, as evident in their latest Edge range of smartphones. Now, they are yet again challenging the limits of phone displays with talks of two new models that features bendable screens. This development, if proven to be true, will likely further boost Samsung’s sales and standing in the telecommunications world.

Samsung Planning Bendable PhoneRumours of Samsung’s bendable screen phones has been spreading rapidly since 2013. Consumers have been excited of the prospect and have been waiting patiently since then. News about the technology has been vague, until now, as Bloomberg released news of the models from a source “familiar with the matter.”

The new models, codenamed Valley, are to be introduced at the 2017 Mobile World Congress sometime between 27th February and 2nd March, according to an anonymous source. Both devices will be using Samsung’s Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLED) technology similar to Apple iPhone’s OLED models, said to be released late in the next year. The timing would definitely give Samsung a heads-up against Apple.

Recently, a video has been circulation showing a working prototype of the new phones. In the video, it shows that the first model folds like a compact make-up kit, or a clam shell. While the second model is a 5-inch phone that unfurls into an 8-inch display, like a tablet. They are believed to be 0.3 mm thick, with a 1080 x 1920 resolution, 386 ppi, and not as battery-draining than most of the current smartphone models.

According to the source, one phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 620 processor, manufactured by Qualcomm and the other is powered by the faster Snapdragon 820 processor. The phones, however, won’t be under the Samsung Galaxy S series and may have an entirely new name. The new bendable screen feature is expected to be integrated in future Samsung models.

As of now, Samsung is in the process of testing the devices, including batteries, sensors, cameras, and other components. An expert has stated that Samsung may have resolved most of the issues but are still working on improvements. The company is said to have mass production of the said models sometime next year.

This evolution of display screens can change how we look at smartphones. Bendable phones that actually work may seem unrealistic and it’s unsure whether consumers may like it. But 2017 is right around the corner and soon, we will see whether Samsung will deliver or not.

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