Top 10 Brands in Technology for 2016

By George Fox | Technology

Jun 15

Rankings can significantly affect how stakeholders see products or company brands. It also has an impact on how they assess organizations and people.

Brand Finance is the leading independent brand valuation and business strategy consultancy firm. They have assessed organizations by their nature, faithfulness, advancement, advertising venture, staff satisfaction, and corporate notoriety. Utilizing these components, every brand’s power was ranked and given a value. This article aims to list the top 10 brands in technology based on the research provided by Brand Finance.

1. Apple

Top 10 Brands in Technology for 2016Value: 145,918

Country: USA

Apple has been the leading brand in technology since 2003. They have constantly been on top for 13 years, now. Despite a 13% decrease in revenue last April 2016, they are still on top of the annual rankings.

2. Google

Value: 94,184

Country: USA

Over the previous year, Google has experienced enormous changes, having rearranged its structure to sit under its parent company, Alphabet, in October. While CPC advertising has been deteriorating over the recent years, the tech organization is expanding its capacity to create considerable mobile income.

3. Samsung Group

Value: 83,185

Country: South Korea

While Samsung was positioned second for brand esteem a year ago with US$ 81.7 billion, it wound up surrendering that position to Google with only a 2% rise year on year.


Value: 69,642

Country: USA

Amazon has climbed the rankings 3 spots higher than last year. With a 19% increase in revenue, it has overtaken Microsoft and sits comfortably at position 4.

5. Microsoft

Top 10 Brands in Technology for 2016Value: 67,258

Country: USA

Microsoft’s revenue is at around US$ 67 billion this year, similar to its income of the previous year. However, it has been dethroned by Amazon as the latter’s revenue increased significantly in 2016.

6. Verizon

Value: 63,116

Country: USA

Despite a 5% increase in Verizon’s revenue in 2016, it has fallen one place lower in this year’s rankings because of Amazon’s sudden rise.

7. AT&T

Value: 59,904

Country: USA

AT&T and Verizon are the leading American telecom company in terms of value. The company had a 2% increase in revenue this year, however, it is not enough to surpass its rival (Verizon).

8. China Mobile

Value: 49,810

Country: China

Chinese phones offer high quality devices, with specs on par with the leading telecommunications company such as Samsung and Apple. China Mobiles have a 4% increase in their 2016 income.

9. Facebook

Value: 34,002

Country: USA

Facebook’s income in 2016 has reached US$ 34 billion, a whopping 29% increase from last year. The brand has surpassed T (Telekom), IBM, and Vodafone, securing its place at number 9.

10. T (Telekom)

Value: 33,194

Country: Germany

T (Telekom) is a Germany-based telecommunications company. This year, the company’s revenue has risen approximately 6%. Falling slightly in the rankings, it has maintained its place among the top 10 technology brands.

The rankings of the top brands may have changed this year, but one thing is evident – most, if not all, of them had increases in their total income this year.

We have come to an age where technology is not just a means to simplify life, but it has become a lifestyle. The developments looks promising for these technology brands and with rumors of new advancements, the future of these brands’ values has never been more exciting.

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