Top 10 Tech Cities in the World

By George Fox | Technology

Jun 26

What does it mean to be a top tech city in the world? For some, it can be related to how advanced its technology or how fast its internet speed is. Others would say, it’s how innovative the architecture is or how cutting-edge the services and infrastructure are.

It is a broad concept and difficult to clarify in a couple of lines. But, it is safe to say, that all of us wants to live in a place where every new digital trend can be accessed easily. However, no two cities share the same level of technology. Below is a list of the top 10 tech cities in the world, today.

Tokyo, Japan

Top 10 Brands in Technology for 2016Tokyo is hailed to be one of the most advanced city in the world. It excels in smartphones, automobiles, and robotics, and is considered one of the “command centers” for world economy. With its contemporary architecture, high rising skyscrapers, bright lights, and busy streets filled with every technology imaginable, it surely is at the top of the list.

Singapore, Singapore

This once colonized country has risen the ranks to be one of the most modernized city. Ever since its’ independence, Singapore has never stopped developing. Now, it’s filled with shiny, glass skyscrapers and modern buildings. The city’s small area didn’t hinder its progress, either. Singapore has been carefully planned so that every space is used efficiently and that no road is ever congested. And with free internet to boot, who wouldn’t want to live in this amazing city?

Silicon Valley, USA

Over the years, Silicon Valley has developed itself to be one of the top technological cities in the world. It has the most number of high-tech companies in the US, including the popular tech-giants such as Apple, Google, and Facebook. Today, it is considered one of the leading places when it comes to IT.

Seoul, South Korea

Since the “Miracle of the Han River,” the city has transformed into one of the world’s leading global cities. In the present day, Seoul is filled with advanced technological infrastructures. It also has the highest internet speed in the world, which is accessed by 95% of its households. Not only that, they offer free internet everywhere, from restaurants to public restrooms.

Top 10 Tech Cities in the WorldBangalore, India

Bangalore’s remarkable growth in IT is due to its people’s innovative souls. Western countries started outsourcing companies, such as Dell and LinkedIn, to Bangalore because of the top-notch world without the expensive labor. This has helped a lot of engineers in the city. As of now, the city is in charge of more than half of India’s advanced biotech industry.

London, UK

Although one of the oldest and historic cities in the world, London is definitely not behind in terms of technology. The city has an extensive underground connections and free internet in its major areas. With its electricity, water supply, communications, and transportation, people in London is indeed experiencing a high-quality life.

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is China’s most crowded city and one of the biggest metropolitan regions on the planet. As the city has developed, it has changed quickly to accommodate its people. In the last decades, an enormous financial center has been made in Shanghai to equal those at the top. Presently, the city is a leader in the world’s economy.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is a well-known for its densely populated area. Despite being overpopulated, the city has developed into one of the top in IT department. With a high speed internet available at a low price and robot-operated restaurants, the city is every geek’s dream.

Paris, France

Paris is known to be the fashion capital of the world, but now, it also competes as one of the most technological cities. The city offers numerous internet spots available to the public for free. Now, Paris’ tech is continually developing to rival those at the top.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, as of late, has been one of the fastest progressing cities on the planet in terms of technology. You’ll discover here fast internet, with speeds at an average of 1 Gbps. With this, Taipei is financially on the rise and is noticed by its improvements in infrastructure, gaming and business.

Technology has been an essential part in modern society. It has brought us convenience, access to information, and connected us with people around the globe. Being one of the top tech cities of the world is not an easy feat. Every city has the potential of growing into a tech metropolis; all they need is dedication and for a widespread innovative mindset of its inhabitants.

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