Top 10 Tech Trends for 2017

By George Fox | Technology

Jun 07

2016 brought us technology that we thought was only possible from the television. We now live in an era that most of us only dreamed of when we watched our favourite sci-fi show not so long ago. And, with 2017 coming closer, we expect a lot of cool gizmos that amaze and excite. This article highlights the top 10 technological trends that you can look forward to in 2017.

3D Printing

5 Tech Tips About Software And Other Services For Website OwnersWe are at a point where technology is threatening to reshape how things are made and 3D printing is at the front-line. This technology enables the creation of a three-dimensional object from a digital file. One can make a simple drinking glass to a more complex computer. The sky is the limit: if you can draw it, 3D printers can create it.

Digital Business

Technology has been a fundamental aspect in every company. It improves product delivery and provides organizational tools, among others. Now, it has proven to be a great asset to business where one can gather data and utilize it to develop and grow their business effortlessly. With the advent of modern technology, it is expected that sales of digital technology will rise exponentially.

Smart Machines / AI

Smart Machines and AI are systems that utilize machine learning to be able to do work commonly done by humans. It means that once a machine is “taught” how to do a certain task the first time, it will do that task until “told” otherwise. This eliminates the need for actual humans to work in a factory or company. This aims to improve productivity and efficiency while decreasing the amount of money invested on the business.

Virtual Reality

5 Tech Tips About Software And Other Services For Website OwnersVirtual reality is already up and running. One can enjoy playing a game, immersed in a virtual environment and have an intensely personal experience. Now, it has been slowly integrated to serve a similar purpose in television. Virtual reality headsets are a huge step up from the 3D glasses of old however as they provide a true 360 degree feel where one can move, turn and soak up the virtual environment. It really has made the virtual world a reality.

Personal Robots

We have been fascinated by the idea of robots as evident from the countless sci-fi movies over the years. Now, robots are all around us, providing us with comfort and ease. They have helped reshape our daily lives. They have been assets in the field of industry, agriculture, transport, and even health. Now, a different kind of robot has been developed. This robot can relate to human beings. It can be considered a confidant, a friend, or a companion. With this development, no one will ever need to be alone.

Wearable Technology

Wearable techs have provided us with real-time information without the hassle of carrying a device. However, despite its countless potential, this technology has not been consumed by the majority yet. As of now, research has been ongoing on how to make wearable techs have a bigger impact – from work to health. In the future, expect it to be much more commonplace in our everyday lives.

Faster Cell Phones

The majority of the cell phones run at 3G or 4G networks. As of now, various cellular companies has begun testing a new 5G network. This new network is 100 times faster than 4G, however, it’s unlikely to be receive mainstream take-up before the end of 2016. Verizon has said that it’s aiming to release 5G networks for commercial use in the year 2017.

Cross-Platform Integration

Windows has front-lined this concept with its new update, Windows 10. It has enabled various devices with the same network to have the same set-up or can even stream the same game. In other words, it lets our devices talk to each other. In the next year, other companies are anticipated to follow in Windows footsteps and cross-platform integration will be a common thing.

Solar Panels

5 Tech Tips About Software And Other Services For Website OwnersWith global warming posing a great threat to our world, companies have been on the look-out for ways to do things more environment-friendly. Solar panels are a great way to have clean and green energy that doesn’t have as much carbon output as fuel does. Unfortunately solar hasn’t seen mass market use, mostly because of it’s steep installation costs. However, expect solar costs to come right down in the coming year. The shift in price-point should make it much more accessible to the public.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of physical objects such as buildings, vehicles, devices, and others. These objects are embedded with software, sensors, electronics and network connectivity that enables them to collect and store real-time data. This development aims to provide improved efficiency, accuracy and productivity which can serve and quite likely stimulate the global economy. The IoT has huge potential and its benefits are endless. Once released, it will revolutionize data gathering, marketing, and communication, among other things.

Technology has played a major role in our daily living and has improved our lives dramatically. Looking back, it is amazing to see how far technology has come in such a short time and as we approach the singularity, it shows no signs of stopping or slowing down anytime soon.

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