Top 10 Ways to Promote your Website for Free

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Jul 16

There are many ways that you can promote your online marketing websites. Most of these are paid services that guarantee targeted results in an instant. However, there are also promotion tools that you can use for free. These ways are great if you are in a budget. This article aims to list the top ways that you can promote your website for free.

1. Viral Contents

Content is the most important aspect of any digital marketing website. Making high quality contents is one thing, making contents that can go viral is another. High quality contents that ignites the interest of a lot of people, in other words go viral, is a sure way to get the audiences you want and eventually have them convert. Just make sure that these contents are interesting, relevant to your products and, most importantly, original.

2.Social Media

Top 10 Ways to Promote your Website for FreeSocial Media sites are totally free. You can create profiles about your company and post pictures videos, or contents about your products. Also, you can get in touch with your costumers and get feedback from them instantly. Spend a few hours a day checking on your social media profiles and keep them updated. Once you’ve built a strong network of audiences and customers, you can hope that they will help you with promotion.

3. Social Media Groups

Aside from creating a social media profile, you can also join groups that are related to your niche. Just don’t forget that these groups are for discussions and interactions. Engage in the community and showcase your expertise. Through these groups, you can gain reputation and connections.


Bookmarking enables your target audiences to include your website in their favourites. Your clients will get updates from your recent contents and in return, you can extend your reach through their networks. Through this method, you can earn a lot of exposure and promotion.

5. Local Business Directories

Online business directories is a great way to promote local businesses. You can have your business get listed on sites like Bing local, Google+, and Yahoo local. Once you’ve had your listing, persuade customers to leave reviews about your business. The more positive they are, the more popularity you get.

6. Niche Forum Marketing

Although forum marketing is not as popular as social media, this platform can still get your business some of exposure. However, getting on some big, random forums is not the way to go about it. Look for the niche that suits your business. Once you find a few suitable forums, don’t promote your business blatantly or else you will get marked as spam. Instead, converse with the members and share your knowledge. Even though you aren’t getting as much exposure as in social media, you can gather great ideas from forums.

7. Quality Backlinks

There are many ways that you can get high quality backlinks. One is by having your website be bookmarked by your readers. Another is through writing and publishing articles on niche-related sites. Also, you can join blogging communities where you are allowed to create an author’s bio and build backlinks to your website. And, you can also make articles on your local newspapers or magazines. This does not only give you valuable backlinks, but boost your credibility as well.

8. Get Guest Authors to write for you

Top 10 Ways to Promote your Website for FreeYou can ask other website owners to feature your website on their articles. They can write for you as a guest author and in return you offer them exposure and links. Naturally, they will also promote on these articles on their websites. That is instant promotion and authority in your niche for free.

9. Q & A

You can also gain reputation and exposure through sites that focuses on posting and answering questions, such as Qoura and Yahoo Answers. These websites allows users to rank answers based on relevance and quality. Show your expertise by answering questions. Just make sure that they are relevant and comprehensive so that you can get the rank-up that you want.

10. Video Promotion

Platforms that evolve around videos, such as YouTube and Vimeo, has become a big phenomenon that helped artists launch their careers as well as create traffic through videos and infomercials. You can create interesting videos that can potentially go viral and eventually drive a lot of traffic to your business.


These ways are indeed as free as free can get. But, unlike the paid promotion and advertises, it will take a longer time for you to see results if you follow these tips. Nevertheless, with hard work and dedication, these methods will definitely pay off.

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